Positive Space Information Booklet by Catherine Telford-Keogh


Positive Space Information Booklet


Currently the University of Waterloo refuses to implement the Positive Space Campaign, a program implemented in most of the universities in Ontario. This is a campaign to promote alternative identities and sexualities as well as offering support for and information about Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Two-Spirited, Queer and Questioning identities. Jillian and I attempted to address this problem through out post card project which allow UW students to ‘tag’ spaces in the university that affirm their support of this campaign and acted as a petition form that they could submit to the Feds. My e-book is an extension of this project as it provides information regarding the problems of homophobia and acts as an information guide to people who would like to know more extensively about Campaign or LGBTTQQ identities.


The online format provided allows the booklet to be easily accessed, and its small size lets it act as an information booklet that students could potentially carry around with them and possibly spread the information contained to other students.


The Positive Space Information Booklet is available at:

A4 – http://diffusion.org.uk/generator/CTK_positive_space_A4.pdf
US – http://diffusion.org.uk/generator/CTK_positive_space_US.pdf




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Guide to Etiquette

(This project started off with looking at the Tim Hortons restaurants in the KW region but expanded to include the generalization of fast food restaurants.)

Fast Food restaurants share similar formats and functions of production for their customers in order to serve people better. These are created for efficient and fast access to ordering food and eating. But what kind of characteristics and relations do these offer for a paying customer?This step-by-step guide gives you the experience of being the perfect Fast Food customer. The instructions that you will read about comment on proper habit, behavior, and relations that one could present to another person. Proper etiquette is necessary when communicating and relating to others in the public. Any person interested in the socialization of Fast Food culture can use this guide worldwide. available at: http://diffusion.org.uk/?p=299

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Local Culinary Talent

My ebook focuses on fabulous restaurants in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. The three locations that I included are unique to this area. Peter Martin’s, Caffe Gallery Bollero and Sole are the restaurants that caught my eye but if you know of any more, please feel free to let me know and I can add them. You can also make your own ebook and include the restaurants that you enjoy and a series can then begin. I hope you enjoy my reviews and take the time to check out these fine establishments.

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UW Art Audio Tour: Sculptures

UW Art: Sculptures – Diane Braga, Katie Gatenby, Ruth Van Gurp

April 1, 2008

Stemming off from our postcard project, our podcast is the next step in our campaign to raise awareness about the University’s lack of initiative to replace or conserve damaged artworks, or to add to its meager collection. 

Our podcast is broken up into six smaller audio files plus an introduction, each featuring a different work of public sculpture around the University of Waterloo’s campus (the most prevalent and public form of campus art). Individually, each clip elaborates on the history and evolving story of the piece, as well as gives insight into efforts (or absences of effort) towards conservation. As a whole, they form a guided tour around the campus.

There are a number of ways that people can explore our podcast. People may join our group on facebook and _listen to the files there__, or visit our entry page on myspace. Both of these websites are popular social networking tools

Via _wordpress? myspace?_ people may download our files as mp3s and upload them to their own personal mp3 players, music phones, etc. so that they may experience the podcast as an actual guided walking tour, and see the artwork—or absence thereof.

Also could send recordings of our podcast on CDs to faculty members

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Ebook: Campus Space by Jen Stanfel

For my ebook, I continued to research the campus space issues I worked with to create my storycube. My ebook, like my storycube, draws attention to how space changes, becoming diminished and less green as it is more heavily engineered (not only as buildings go up, but as open space becomes tighter and more unnatural and organized, e.g. with paved pedestrian areas), as the University grows, and how this affects people’s campus experience. Where my storycube was based primarily on my own observations, my ebook gives voice to the University’s perspective on and plans for campus space, as laid out in the current Master Plan. I did not write Campus Space to criticize the University’s physical expansion or its attempt to manipulate shrinking space in order to keep some open, “green”-er areas on campus. Rather, my ebook is meant to make users of campus space aware of how it is changing so they may consider it.


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Prolegomena to Mundanity – Ebook by AN Meyer

For my Ebook, I wanted to continue the themes that I looked at in regards to my Storycube, in particular the ideas of repetition and pattern. However, I wanted to look at these themes in a new light, especially in connection to the mundane. Perec and Shebald were important in this step to unearthing phenomenon that have, over the course of time, degenerated in attention to us through routine use and accepted dispositions. My Ebook, Prolegomena to Mundanity contains my thoughts on repetition and pattern seen in the mundane, as well as revealing my opinions on the levels of human awareness to details that are sometimes forgotten, but waiting to be revealed.

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Arts Quad Revitalization Postcard Pictures (by Adam, Cris, and Lee)

Postcard 1 of 6

Postcard 2 of 6

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